1. Projects


Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS FEB UI) is the biggest and the largest capital market event held by Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia (FEUI) students.

Web Development, Graphic Design

SEED Scholarship

SEED Scholarship is a form of contribution from the alumni of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Indonesia. Which aims to relieve and motivate students to achieve excellence in education and help students through their first year in college.

Web Development, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Gatrik UI

Gatrik UI is a alumni community from Electrical Engineering, University of Indonesia

Web Development, IT Consultancy, Content Curations

2. Content Creations and Management

Departemen Teknik Sipil Universitas Indonesia

Civil Engineering Department from Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

Content Curation, Graphic Design

3. Social Enterprise

Titik Balik Coffee Roasters

Titik Balik Coffee Roasters is a social coffee-roastery enterprise initiative for the future of the youth in LPKA Jakarta. Beli di Tokopedia

Cofounder, Web Development, Content Curation